Castle of Ferrette in Alsace, a privileged historical setting


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Castle of Ferrette in Alsace, a privileged historical setting

If you spend your vacations in the beautiful Sundgau region, don't miss to visit the ruins of Ferrette Castle. Slip into the shoes of a knight or a count and enjoy a pleasant moment in a privileged historical setting.

From a powerful fortress to abandoned ruins

The Castle of Ferrette is one of the oldest castles in Alsace

The Castle of Ferrette was built around the 11th century, on the foundations of an ancient Roman observation tower. It remained for a long time the main residence of the Counts of Ferrette, reigning over one of the most powerful lordships of the region in the Middle Ages, before passing under Austrian rule in the 14th century. The castle was then renovated, modified and improved several times. The Fuggers of Augsburg had a rampart built to link its different parts and transformed it into a garrison. Ferrette Castle was severely damaged during the Thirty Years' War. It became French again at the end of the war and was partially restored, but it was gradually abandoned and fell into ruin thereafter. Successively sold to different individuals, the ruins of Ferrette Castle are now classified as a historical monument and are maintained by the city of Ferrette and by the department of Haut-Rhin.

A dive into the Middle Ages in Alsace

Nowadays, the ruins of the castle overlooking the town of Ferrette from the top of their rocky peak are accessible to the public and bear witness to the past grandeur of the County. The castle is made up of two interconnected parts surrounded by a fortified wall with towers and bastions: the upper castle and the lower castle. The upper castle, partly dug into the rock, is the oldest part and corresponds to the former residence of the Counts of Ferrette. From the top of its towers and ramparts a magnificent panorama on the Vosges mountains, the Black Forest and the Jura can be observed. The ruins of Ferrette Castle, its courtyards, towers and ramparts can be visited all year round. However, visitors are asked to be very careful when exploring the castle, as the ruins are fragile and it is not a fully renovated castle. Every year, the torchlight festival around the castle illuminates the medieval building.


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