Colmar, a city in Alsace to discover


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Colmar, a city in Alsace to discover

Whether you are visiting Alsace for a weekend or for several weeks, Colmar is the city not to be missed! You won't find a more charming place with a more authentic atmosphere...

The most Alsatian of the Alsatian cities

Colmar in the heart of Alsace

Despite its status as the capital of the Haut-Rhin, Colmar remains a medium-sized city, which gives it its charm. Despite its modest size, Colmar has one of the most important architectural and historical heritages in the region. Its typical city center is dotted with half-timbered houses rich in history, of which the Maison des Têtes and the Maison Pfister are magnificent examples, as well as very picturesque neighborhoods, such as the inevitable Petite Venise and its Quai de la Poissonnerie. Lose yourself in the enchanting little cobbled streets of the city, enjoy a boat ride on its canals and, in season, marvel at its enchanting Christmas markets.

A city with an inestimable cultural wealth

Colmar has many museums of international fame. The best known of them is certainly the Unterlinden Museum and its precious Issenheim Altarpiece. The Toy Museum and the Natural History Museum are less well known, but just as interesting. Colmar has seen the birth of great names, such as Bartholdi, creator of the Statue of Liberty, and Hansi, a famous Alsatian artist. The city is also known for its rich religious art and its Dominican Church, home to famous paintings by Martin Schongauer. But Colmar is also a city on the move, with festivals, concerts and events of all kinds taking place throughout the year.

The Capital of Alsace Wines

Colmar's exceptional location in the center of the Alsace vineyards gives it the status of Capital of Alsace Wines. The city is home to the headquarters of the Alsace INAO and the CIVA, the regional committee of Alsace wines, and it is in Colmar that the great Alsatian wines compete each year for the best titles during the Grand Concours des Vins d'Alsace. The biggest wine event in the region, the Colmar Wine Fair, is a must if you are in Alsace during the summer season. But as delicious as the wines are, Colmar has much more to offer than just its wines: there is also its delicious gastronomy prepared by its starred chefs and renowned pastry chefs.


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Tourist areas : Route des vins

SVG coordinates : 843,929