Guebwiller, an Alsatian town located at the gateway to the Vosges mountains


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Guebwiller, an Alsatian town located at the gateway to the Vosges mountains

At first a simple agricultural domain of the abbey of Murbach, visitable at the bottom of the valley, during antiquity, Guebwiller becomes a city during the Middle Ages during which is erected its wall of which we can still find some traces.

Guebwiller, city of Art and History

The city enjoyed considerable growth throughout the 19th century, when it was considered "the Mulhouse of the Vosges" by the French king Charles X, particularly under the impetus of Nicolas Schlumberger, who invested in the construction of machines specialized in the spinning of wool and other long fibers. This development owes much to its ideal geographical environment, close to Switzerland and Mulhouse, which includes the presence of the Lauch, a river that provides hydraulic energy that is used throughout the valley.

The numerous hikes that criss-cross the city and its valley will give you the opportunity to see this mixture of historical testimonies through a singular architectural heritage, its art museums and its hilly vineyard, the only one to have 4 great vintages: Kessler, Kitterlé, Saering and Spiegel.

Wine tourists and gastronomes, nature lovers or outdoor sportsmen, Guebwiller and its surroundings will delight you!


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Tourist areas : Route des vins

SVG coordinates : 769,1046