The Mont Sainte Odile, a unique and relaxing setting


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The Mont Sainte Odile, a unique and relaxing setting

Whether visited in one day or for a longer stay, Mont Sainte Odile allows its visitors to discover historical and archaeological treasures and to meditate in a unique and relaxing setting.

A tormented history filled with miraculous legends

Mont Sainte Odile, one of the spiritual and religious high places of Alsace

The history of Mount Sainte Odile goes back to the Middle Ages. It is full of legends. During the reign of Dagobert II, Etichon, then Duke of Alsace, was expecting his first child at the castle of Hohenbourg and prayed for a son. But his disappointment is immense when a blind girl is born. Disowned by her father, she is sent by her mother to Burgundy, to the monastery of Palme. The child miraculously recovered her sight at her baptism at the age of 12, and was named "Odile". When Odile returned to her parents, her father tried to marry her off by force. Odile fled to the Black Forest. Later, overcome with remorse, Etichon offered the castle of Hohenbourg to his daughter, which she transformed into an abbey. According to the legend, Odile hit a rock with her stick and made a miraculous water gush out of it, curing eye problems, thus becoming the Holy Healer.

An important place in the Alsatian heritage

In the time of the Celts, the mountain was already a very popular place of worship. Today, the Mont Sainte Odile and the rich heritage constituted by the historical and religious monuments dominating it are among the high places to visit during a stay in Alsace. On a clear day, the Mount offers a magnificent panorama of the Alsace plain, all the way to the Black Forest in Germany. Whether you come as a pilgrim or a tourist, the monastic and spiritual atmosphere of the Hohenbourg Abbey will allow you to recharge your batteries. Visit the monastery, the numerous chapels dedicated to St. Odilia, the Cross, the Tears and the Angels, as well as the church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The miraculous spring that Saint Odile made gush out, the ruins of the Chapelle des Rochers and an impressive Way of the Cross are also visible. In the surroundings of the Mont Sainte Odile, many hikes in a sublime natural setting are possible. Finally, the Mont Sainte Odile offers various accommodation and catering solutions.


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Tourist areas : Vosges

SVG coordinates : 877,625