Park of Husseren Wesserling, remarkable garden of Alsace Vosges


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Park of Husseren Wesserling, remarkable garden of Alsace Vosges

Take advantage of your vacations in Alsace to visit the Park of Husseren-Wesserling. This magnificent green setting, its industrial heritage and its original animations are not to be missed during a stay in the region.

An industrial and textile epic

Park of Husseren Wesserling

The privileged site of Wesserling was first occupied by a hunting lodge built in 1635 by the prince abbots of Murbach. It was transformed into a noble castle a little later, before becoming of interest to the great textile bosses. The aquatic resources of the nearby Thur River, an interesting geographical position and an abundance of manpower made Wesserling a choice industrial site. The Royal Manufacture of Wesserling was founded in 1762 and became one of the most important textile industries in France. It even had an international scope, supplying Queen Victoria of England. This factory will generate a real social revolution: the peasants of the surroundings will become textile workers and the village of Husseren-Wesserling will know an incredible development. But over time, the textile industry in Alsace will face a painful decline. The Wesserling site was finally saved by the Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, which bought the buildings and gardens in 1986.

A lively and animated park

Today, the Parc de Wesserling is an integral part of Alsace's historical heritage. Its unique collection of industrial buildings, its Great Boiler Room and its fascinating Textile Ecomuseum allow visitors to discover the textile arts and to go back in time to the prestigious era of the Royal Manufactory. The Parc de Wesserling includes several sumptuous gardens, each designed according to its own theme, from the vegetable garden to the Mediterranean terraces, through French and English gardens. The Parc de Wesserling can be visited in summer and winter. Each year, the Festival des jardins métissés takes place in the gardens throughout the summer, with a new theme. At Christmas, the park is decorated with magical decorations and the atmosphere is magical. Numerous cultural and artistic events bring the Parc de Wesserling to life throughout the year, such as living exhibitions, sound and light shows and textile demonstrations.


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