Ribeauvillé, medieval village of Alsace


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Ribeauvillé, medieval village of Alsace

Ribeauvillé is a medieval village on the Alsace wine route located at the entrance of the Strengbach, at the foot of the Vosges mountains. Historically made up of craftsmen and wine growers, well before the installation of the lords of Ribeaupierre whose castle of Saint-Ulrich can be admired on the heights, this merchant city knew how to benefit very early from its geographical position to trade with both the plain of Alsace and the Vosges which it connects. It is thanks to this profit and to the historical know-how of the inhabitants that the city of Ribeauvillé remained independent from the Holy Empire during the whole Middle Ages.

Even today, Ribeauvillé maintains its history and its traditions through its medieval festivals.

The Pfifferdaj, the minstrels' festival

Ribeauvillé wine village of Alsace

The legend tells thatmore than 600 years ago, a lord of Ribeaupierre would have given a coin to a minstrel who had broken his instrument. It is then that the minstrels chose the lordly family as their suzerain, to thank them for their generosity, by organizing a huge festival.

In fact, the independence of the Ribeauville minstrels' guild aroused the fear of the emperors who chose an Alsatian lord to ensure its patronage. In order to meet and to settle possible conflicts, the minstrels met in the courtyard of the castle the day after the feast of the nativity of the Virgin.

Even today, the city of Ribeauvillé has preserved its rich history and its medieval character, notably through a unique Christmas market, animated by numerous folk festivals.

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