Gérardmer, the pearl of the Vosges


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Gérardmer, the pearl of the Vosges

Located in the Vosges mountains, Gérardmer is famous for its mountain activities, its lake and especially its winter sports resort (La Mauselaine) as well as for its international fantasy film festival. It is nicknamed "the pearl of the Vosges".

Gérardmer located in the Vosges mountains

Gérardmer's location favored skiing very early on. Today, the downhill ski resort is located at La Mauselaine and cross-country skiing is practiced from the Nordic area of Bas Rupts.

The municipality includes large wooded areas, some of which are ski areas, a total of 3,721 ha of coniferous forests (more than five million fir trees and thorny trees).

Gérardmer is located 35.4 km from Colmar, 34 km from Épinal, 22.3 km from Remiremont, 24.1 km from Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, 33.8 km from Thann and 114 km from Strasbourg, the regional capital.


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Tourist areas : Vosges

SVG coordinates : 561,946